Sometimes, the thought of organizing a wedding gets too hard, sometimes you just want to get those papers signed and be done with it.. so that's where I can help!

Eloping as you may know it, is when 2 people decide to suddenly get married and rush off to find Elvis in Las Vegas to marry them straightaway, no cooling off period, nothing.

Here in Australia, eloping is done a little differently.

We still need one calendar month notice for your marriage to be conducted, once that month is passed you may marry, anywhere, anytime.

Eloping maybe done in front of your family and friends, it maybe done with just 2 close friends, or if you are wanting that extra special secret ceremony, I can supply you with witnesses to keep it nice and quiet.

Give me a call if you are wanting to elope and I promise to make it the easiest process possible!

Let's Elope!!

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