What are the costs involved?..

Why does it seem expensive? 

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Costs vary from Celebrant to Celebrant, Ceremony to Ceremony because each and every one  is different.   A wedding alone will take more than 20 hours to prepare and whilst it may seem on the day like a quick ceremony, the time and work which has gone into it behind the scenes is more than we can put into words.  From legal paperwork, preparation of the certificates, research, rehearsals to chatting to you on the phone, the hours do add up.  Each ceremony to me is as important as the next one, each person to me is as exciting as the next person to meet & get to know.  Each one of you has a different perspective, a different way of seeing things. 

geelong celebrant Each person teaches me something new. geelong celebrant

These days, the ceremony is the beginning to the rest of your celebration, it is an opportunity to set the scene, to ensure your guests know that this day truly reflects who you are as a couple.  I create this with you; it is your words.  A celebration of who you are and of your journey to this day.   You can involve as many people in your ceremony as you wish.  A Civil Ceremony has no boundaries.

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What is a Celebrant?

Civil Celebrants are people who  are authorised by the Attorney General's Department to conduct formal ceremonies in the community including weddings, naming of babies, wedding vow renewals and funerals.  

Australia was the first nation who's government appointed non clergy celebrants with the specific intention that they would create ceremonies that could be as culturally enriching and as formal as church weddings if required, this giving the marrying couple much more choice.  This over the years has allowed the couple to explore many differing avenues of celebrating their love with their family and friends and adding more dimension to their wedding as being about them.

Why Choose a Celebrant?

A Celebrant wedding is truly your own.  It is a ceremony held where you would like to be married, its content is personal, written about you, for you.  If you choose to marry on a beach in Geelong, in the Otway Forest in Colac, at a Winery in Werribee, or in your backyard in Ballarat, all of these are possible.  I come to you and together we make the day exactly how you would like.  

What are the Legal Requirements for Marriage?

A 'Notice of Intention to Marry' form must be completed and lodged at least one calendar month prior to your ceremony. You cannot get married within Australia without giving this notice. Once lodged, the Notice of Intention to Marry is valid for a maximum period of 18 months.  In the event that the 18 months expire, a new notice will be required to be completed.

The marriage cannot take place until after one clear month from the date I receive the Notice of Intention to Marry form unless a prescribed authority has authorised  for a shortening of time. 

(see below for the information in relation to the shortening of time)

If a person to an intended marriage is unable to sign the Notice of Intention to Marry at the time of our first meeting, the other person may sign the notice and lodge it. However, the person who has not signed the notice must sign it, in my presence, before the marriage can be solemnised. 

If you are not able to meet with me at least one calendar month prior to your wedding, your Notice of Intention to Marry maybe signed and witnessed before a prescribed authority and sent to me along with photocopies of your birth certificates which have been certified, this must reach me before the expiration of the one calendar month time frame.

The Notice of Intention to Marry requires you to  produce documentary evidence of identification such as a birth certificate, or an overseas passport.  A birth certificate, extract of birth or certified copy of either is mandatory for anyone born within Australia. An Australian Passport is not acceptable for anyone.  Birth Certificates can be obtained from Births Deaths and Marriages in the event that you are unable to locate it. 

(please note that photocopies which have not been certified cannot be accepted under any circumstance)

Certain documents need to be produced if either party has been previously married:-

If a party is divorced - evidence of that party's divorce - The court evidence which declares the dissolution of the marriage is required to be sighted and the details documented on the Notice of Intention to Marry form. If you were divorced prior to 1 July 2002 you will need to show me a copy of the decree absolute.  Those divorced after this date will be required to produce their 'Certificate of Divorce'.

If a party is widowed - the death notice of that party's spouse is required for the marriage to proceed.

To apply for a shortening of time you must consider the reason to come within one of the following criteria:

Considerations will be given for:

1. Employment related or other travel commitments which result in the Notice not being able to be completed within the prescribed time.

2. Wedding or celebration arrangements or religious considerations. 

3. Medical Reasons

4. Legal proceedings 

If the person is under 18 years of age, a parent's consent on the required form and a court order under Section 12 of the marriage Act is required.

Under no circumstances are 2 people under the Age of 18 allowed to Marry in Australia.

Official Marriage Certificate

Your Marriage Certificate will be available from Births Deaths & Marriages approximately 6 weeks from your Wedding Date.  You can apply for this online, via mail or in person.  The cost of the Registry Documentation is around $30.  This is the only certificate in which you are able to legally change your name as the Marriage Certificate which is presented to you on the day of your ceremony is not recognized as a legal document.

If you need any help with any of the above information, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will assist you in getting your paperwork correct!

I am happy to tailor a ceremony which suits your needs, whether it be a straight legal ceremony, a full ceremony with rituals or one filled with your guests participation, readings and poems, children or animals, all you need to do is tell me what it is you dream and I will work with you to ensure you get your ceremony that you imagined!


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